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Allison Transmission Parts
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Allison Transmission Parts
Allison Transmission Parts
Allison Transmission Parts
Allison Transmission Parts
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Allison Cores and Core Exchange Program.

transmission partsA transmission core can be of many different types. At TransDiesel we buy and sell alot of transmission cores. We offer these few tips in what to look for. Check the core to make sure there are no signs of the core having a cracked case. Check for a torque converter. With a torque converter missing this could lessen the value of a transmission core. Most commonly check the condition of the fluid. If your transmission core has burnt fluid again this would also lessen the value. A core must be complete with all internal parts inside to hold any resale value of a transmission core. A core missing the metal tag will not help you identify where or what the core has come from .

We Also buy good condition cores!

Hard to find core call our staff. We help customers find all types of transmissison, rebuilt transmissin, allison transmissiontransmission cores, from AT to off road. One core call does it all. Call TransDiesel 1-407-295-1221 or Email us. Your transmission core solution.








Allison Transmission Parts

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